Parasite Eve II psx iso rom download cd1/cd2

Parasite Eve II psx iso rom download cd1/cd2
Parasite Eve II psx iso rom download

Game Info:

Based on the background story of a popular Japanese novel, the original Parasite Eve was Square’s first attempt to create what has been coined a “cinematic RPG”. The game combined 3D polygonal characters with prerendered backgrounds and plenty of computer-generated sequences in order to help further the cinematic experience of the player. Although it received mixed reviews from the press fans, the game has continued to be one of the best-selling titles of the company in the U.S. market, a sequel to a fact.

In the sequel to the game, Parasite Eve II, Piazza continues the general plot of the original, which followed the exploits of the young Aya Brea, a police officer in New York, as he struggled to unravel the mystery of Eva, a young woman responsible for a series of grisly deaths in New York City. Eva had been transformed by mitochondria conscious and possessed the power of changing the wild animals into killing machines, so that innocent people to burn spontaneously, and generally cause a lot of trouble. It turned out that Aya its mitochondria were awakening, and while this is his advantage when it comes to help solve the case of New York, which led to his resignation from the police department as a sign of respect for his colleagues.

Almost three years after the events that began in Christmas 1997, Ms. Brea has found a new job as an NMC (Neo-Mitochondrial Creature) Hunter with MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team) division of the FBI. As part of his research in a series of incidents involving Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures, beginning in an office building in Los Angeles, California in September 2000, soon discovers more about these creatures, as well as a little ‘ more to understand his own mitochondria situation.

The story is told through dialogue sequences with the characters and some of the best computer-generated film that you will find on PlayStation. Piazza has a good reputation for making phenomenal CG fans and the company will not be disappointed by his efforts in Parasite Eve II. CG does not only looks great, but does a fantastic job of giving the game a truly cinematic. The only real complaint is that the center of gravity and the game in general, could have used some voiceovers to give even more of a film-like feeling.

As far as the storyline is concerned, Piazza managed to tell a very good story that kept me on hold and kept me want to learn more. The translation quality is not quite up to the size of the company’s efforts in recent games like Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross and Legend of Mana, but it is not too bad, either. There are some odd lines from the sound, but it’s definitely better than what is usually found in other survival horror games.

While the narrative of the game kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more, the game mechanics and control in general has had the reverse effect. Using the same control style as Capcom acclaimed Resident Evil series, the game is a chore for complete control and it does so many things that just should not be done in a video game.

Instead of implementing a control system that is used in titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Mario 64, and Soul Reaver, which has the character move in the direction in which the player presses the directional pad, the method is used to control slow Resident Evil . This is probably the worst way to control a character in the third person perspective and should never be used in a game where there is some type of action involved.

Square deserves some props to eliminate some of the general problems that are typically a part of this control method, such as the addition of a lock on the targeting method that the player will rotate towards a targeted enemy who is standing behind the character a reasonable step. It ‘easy enough to change weapons and attacks from parasites of the show are easily accomplished with the push of two buttons. In addition, the combat system of the game is much less bulky than what players have had to endure in the prequel.

Still, there are a lot of problems with the control of the game and the design that just can not be ignored. The biggest problem with the control, apart from the general issues with the control of a character in this style, which translates into a lot of bumping into walls and getting hit by enemy attacks, because there is no easy way to avoid them, about the slow reload weapons. While it can be argued that it takes time to reload, making Parasite Eve II more realistic, it just proves to be a big pain in the rear when you are constantly put yourself in situations where you have been attacked by bats, while in good half charging animation, only to knock them out, restart the charging animation, and once again attacked before the weapon is reloaded. You can expect to lose a little ‘life, when he has never taken one of these charging cycles and is hard to look in the mirror after you’ve been killed by a swarm of bats.

The game also suffers from a lot of trouble to design low cost that are generally associated with this type of game. Most of the puzzles revolve around the player for the research level to find a key to open a door at the beginning of the level (because you can not just use the gun to blow the lock or just kick the door?). There is also a problem with the way the monsters re-spawn and as there are sometimes more difficult monster meetings stringed together between save points.

In what could be considered as a point of good or bad, depending on your point of view, the game challenges you to keep only the necessary weapons and items in your inventory, though in the Resident Evil games. Aya can bring a little ‘stuff and essential elements are not taken into slits own weapons, ammunition and general elements. Nevertheless some of the excessive need to manage your articles as you do in Resident Evil, but that was never really one of the good points that game from my point of view. The greater freedom allowed in Parasite Eve II is definitely the best way to handle things.

This is a beautiful game. While a lot of people like to complain about the inadequacies of prerendered 3D backgrounds and how to restrict player interactivity and camera angles, you can not deny that if you want the best possible on PlayStation backgrounds who seek to be pre-rendered.

The backgrounds of Parasite Eve II are among the most visual impact that is located in the system and are extremely detailed. And while I’m generally static, the level of detail is so high and there are so many environmental touches that have been added that look and feel realistic. The game makes use of some very good lighting effects and many of the elements of the background as the blood on the floor or scratches on the wall help creating an immersive atmosphere for the player.

One of the major problems with this type of environment is that most of the games that have prerendered polygonal characters in the settings, the characters stick out like an inch and does not really fit the surrounding environment. This is not the case of Parasite Eve II, as the characters beautifully modeled in 3D and enemy creatures have been so well structured that blend well with prerendered backgrounds.

As good as the 3D characters and backgrounds are prerendered, not even close to the quality of the visual offer amazing CG cut scenes. Square has always managed to put together excellent CG images and the company’s work in Parasite Eve II is a bit ‘the best.

Audio is generally considered one of the most important elements of a game and can help make a good game even better. And if this is true for every type of game, which probably holds more weight in the survival horror genre than any other. This is the case because at the end of a survival horror game to give the player the real emotions of fear and suspense, it must have the right music and sound effects.

Piazza has succeeded in this department with Parasite Eve II. Soundtrack of the game is top notch and do a great job of building emotions of the player and provide just enough suspense and feel at key moments of the game. What’s more, the sound effects are treated very well and everything from footsteps sound different depending on the surface you are walking towards the environmental noise and the screams and shrieks different monsters, all the help bring the player in Aya Brea world.

Review this game and, more specifically, to settle in a final score was an extremely difficult task. On the one hand, I enjoyed the overall plot and the plot of Parasite Eve II, and felt that he had a special quality film that helps to stand above many of his peers. The story was full of suspense, lots of nice twists and turns small, and generally kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know more.

On the other hand, poor control of the game and the game mechanics bust the bad gaming experience. Just like every other game in the survival horror genre, Parasite Eve II is plagued with sloppy “Resident Evil” style controls and game design annoying. Many of the puzzles have you going through an entire level only to trigger an event that will in turn go to the beginning of the level itself. All the while, you will face many enemies that continually are generally more of a nuisance than a real challenge. To complete this, the player must rely on save points that are sometimes strategically placed after consecutive meetings with monsters and challenging.

I often found myself wanted to play more just to promote long history, and at the same time to throw my PlayStation pure anger and frustration. Your average person can only take so much – and be killed by a group of bats while trying to get to a save point after killing a boss and a very strong stimulant is enough to drive most rational people insane.

Despite the problems of the game, it still managed to pull me enough that I felt the desire and the need to beat. This does not make for its flaws, but it suggests that the game has some things going for it. Diehard fans of the Resident Evil series and the original Parasite Eve will definitely want to check this out

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Aya Brea is back. The Neo Mitochondrion Creature infestation has resurfaced and taken on a sinister twist. The outcome of this battle will determine earth’s dominant species. Horrifying CG cinemas and sharper graphics bring the shocking new storyline to life as Aya hunts for the source of the outbreak. Fully-upgradable weapons, customizable armor, and a new, real-time battle system will aid in the conflict, along with powerful new Parasite Energy abilities.

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